Systema FAQ Part 1

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Is Systema training realistic?

  • No training is realistic.  If it were realistic, it would be functionally real, and we would all be spending a lot of time at the hospital.  What we strive to do in Systema training is to introduce sufficient elements of realism to allow ourselves to prepare for real situations.  So no, Systema training is not realistic, but it does include a vast amount of realism.

Why are so many of the drills in Systema practiced slowly?

  • Much of Systema is taught by a progressive sequence of drills that emphasize proper movement, breathing, posture, and relaxation.  These are all things that need to be learned, initially, in slower drills.  You may have heard the quote before that slow is smooth, and smooth is fast.  To be fast, you must be smooth, and to become smooth, you must practice slowly.  Your speed, and the speed of the drills, will increase as you improve. 

How do I know what I’m learning in Systema will work when I need it to?

  • Systema has been combat tested by Russian special forces units for decades.  In addition, Systema training is sought out by current and former military and law enforcement personnel around the world, and they have found these skills to be effective in their work.  The real-life success of these individuals over many decades is great evidence of the effectiveness of Systema.

How long does it take to become proficient at Systema?

  • Proficiency is difficult to define.  There is always more to learn and room to improve.  However, most people find that they can make significant gains in their ability to defend themselves in just a few months of training.  Like any skill though, different people will progress at different rates, and continued practice is always recommended.

More FAQ to follow!  If you have a question you would like answered, put it in the comments and we will address it in a later post.

Vladimir Vasiliev working against multiple opponents

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This video from camp last summer is a good example of how Systema can work against multiple attackers. This is an area of training in which Systema is unique…not only do we specifically train for multiple attackers, the methodologies in Systema are extremely well-suited for this sort of work.

Upcoming Class Schedule

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April 10th (Today) – Adult class, 7-9 pm

April 13th (Saturday) – Adult class, 1-3 pm.  We may be outdoors if the weather is nice.

April 17th (Wednesday) – Adult class, 7-9 pm.

April 20th (Saturday) – NO CLASS! I got talked into a half marathon…

April 24th (Wednesday) – Adult class, 7-9 pm.

All classes, unless otherwise specifically noted, are held at 60 Cloverleaf Ln. in Lexington, VA.

What is Systema?

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Chances are, unless you already study Systema, you have never heard of it.  Systema is a unique Russian martial art with roots reaching back hundreds of years.  Systema differs from the more commonly known martial arts in a number of ways.  Hopefully this post will help you understand a bit more about the way we train at Lexington Systema Group. 

Systema is a martial art based on practical application.  As such, we don’t have pre-determined forms or kata, uniforms, or a ranking structure.  Systema is designed to help you learn to utilize your natural movements in an effective and efficient way.  Because everyone’s body is different, everyone will move differently, so no two Systema practitioners will look alike, nor is that something we strive for.

Systema also has no pre-set techniques or patterns of movement in response to specific attacks.  Systema realizes that every situation is different, and every person is different, and as a result, the appropriate response to each situation will be different as well.   Systema practice is based on the four pillars of form, movement, breathing, and relaxation.  Everything we do in Systema utilizes those principles to construct a unique and effective response to each situation.

Systema trains for real-world confrontations.  We do not assume that every attack or situation will be a one-on-one, face-to-face situation.  We train to respond to multiple attackers, to armed attackers, and to attacks in unusual situations, such as in confined spaces or in your car.  We practice fighting both standing up and on the ground, and in the transition from standing to the ground.  The principles of Systema can be applied effectively to all of these situations.

Finally, the principles of Systema can be used by anyone.  It doesn’t matter how old you are, how fit or unfit you are, or if you have a disability.  Systema can be used effectively by people of all ages, shapes, and sizes.  Even children can learn Systema!

For more information, or to learn about classes at Lexington Systema, you are always welcome to contact us via the link on the right sidebar, or by posting a comment here.  More information about our adult and kids classes is also available through the links to the right.

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For more information on training at the Lexington Systema Group and regular updates on the class, we encourage you to visit our facebook group.

Training at Lexington Systema

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Training at Lexington Systema

We are a Systema class in Lexington, VA. Classes are open to the entire community. We meet Wednesdays from 7-9 and Saturdays from 1-3 at 60 Cloverleaf Ln. For more information on Systema, check out or contact us at