Joining forces

Due to a recent move, I will no longer be offering classes in Lexington.  The Lexington school has merged into the long-standing Roanoke Systema Group, and I have come on-board there as the assistant instructor under the outstanding certified instructor Lloyd Robrecht.  This website will remain up as an informational resource for the foreseeable future, and I still welcome those who are interested in Systema to contact me through the form on this site. 

For anyone who may be interested in joining our training classes in Roanoke, I would encourage you to visit our Facebook page or our website

I thoroughly enjoyed my time teaching in Lexington, and hope those who are interested in training will follow us to our Roanoke location.

2 Responses to “Joining forces”

  1. kevin dotson Says:

    I have just learned about Systema and it seems outstanding. I would be very interested in taking classes.111

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