About the Instructor



This website is no longer being updated.  For current information on Systema training in Southwest Virginia, please visit valleysystema.com.

Lexington Systema is led by Tiffany Lee.  Tiffany has been studying Systema for two years and is certified as an instructor-in-training by Vladimir Vasiliev.  She continues her training regularly with her instructor, Lloyd Robrecht, at the Roanoke Systema Group, and at seminars around the country.  She has traveled to train with many senior Systema instructors, including Head Instructor Vladimir Vasiliev, Konstantin Komarov, and Sonny Puzikas.

Tiffany came to Systema from 18 years of previous martial arts experience, including time spent in Okinawan Kenpo, Shotokan Karate, Tae Kwon Do, and Olympic Fencing.  After an injury in the military made her previous martial arts training difficult, a friend introduced her to Systema.  Tiffany found that Systema offered an approach to self-defense and martial arts that worked with, not against, each individual’s strengths and weaknesses.  Since this introduction, Tiffany has studied Systema consistently, and remains convinced that it is the most effective method of learning self-defense.

Outside of martial arts, Tiffany is very involved in the EMS field.  She is an EMT-Basic, and a tactical EMT.  Her main area of interest is in disaster and mass casualty medicine, and the care of emergency response teams in the field.  She is currently studying to become a Remote Medical Practitioner and hopes to work in expedition and remote medicine in the future.  She enjoys hiking, running, rock climbing, and shooting.

In her spare time, Tiffany is completing her second year of law school at Washington and Lee.

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