Kids Classes

This website is no longer being updated.  For current information on Systema training in Southwest Virginia, please visit

Is your child prepared to defend him or herself in a fight?  Do your kids know the strategies necessary to avoid injury if they are bullied or attacked?  Our kids classes at Lexington Systema can help your child develop essential and practical self-defense skills to keep them safe, whether it’s on the street or on the playground.

Kids classes at Lexington Systema will start offering classes for children between the ages of 7-13 beginning the first week of June 2013.  Children younger than the age of 8 will be considered on an individual basis.  Sessions run 6 weeks in length and consist of 2 1-hour classes each week.

Our kids classes teach essentially the same material as our adult classes.  The primary difference is the speed and intensity of the instruction.  This is not a daycare class; it is designed to provide your children with self-defense skills they can actively utilize to protect themselves.  Your children will learn:

  • How to protect themselves against punches and kicks.
  • How to get out of grabs and holds.
  • How to fall safely, and defend themselves on the ground.
  • How to defend against multiple attackers.
  • How to use breathing and relaxation techniques to remain calm in a confrontation.

Our summer 2013 class is open for pre-registration by filling out the form at the bottom of the page.  Alternately, to pre-register your child in the class or to receive more information, you can contact Lexington Systema through the contact link on the right or by emailing

For more information on Systema in general, please see the related articles below.

Kids Class Pre-Registration Form

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