Self-Defense for Seniors

This website is no longer being updated.  For current information on Systema training in Southwest Virginia, please visit

Lexington Systema will begin offering a self-defense course for senior citizens in mid-May 2013.  The class will be hosted by the Maury River Senior Center in Buena Vista, VA.  Pre-registration for this class is required, and the number of spaces is limited.  The class is suitable for seniors of any level of physical ability and their family members above the age of 13.  Registration is being handled by the senior center.  You can reach them through their website at

If you are interested in hosting  a similar course for your senior center, church, civic group, or club, please contact Lexington Systema through this website or by email at  We are happy to work with you to develop a suitable course to meet the needs of your members.  Courses can be structured as a weekly, ongoing class, or a one-time seminar.

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