Women’s Self-Defense

This website is no longer being updated.  For current information on Systema training in Southwest Virginia, please visit valleysystema.com.

Take control of your own safety!  You may feel as a woman that because of you size or strength, you may not be able to effectively defend yourself from an attack, but we can show you effective ways to do so.  The self-defense we teach at Lexington Systema does not depend on size, strength, stamina, or fitness.  It is accessible to anyone, of any size or age.

While women are always welcome in our ongoing adult classes, we recognize that some women may be more comfortable in a female-only group, especially at the beginning of their training.  We strive to provide a practical, yet comfortable environment for women to learn.  Our women’s self-defense classes have two main goals:

  • Teach the fundamentals of effective self-defense to women and teens, and
  • Prepare women to comfortably enter the regular training classes, if they wish to continue training.

In self-defense classes at Lexington Systema, you will not be asked to buy uniforms or memorize formalities.  We train in street clothes, both indoors and outside.  Our focus is strictly practical.  You will learn how to control your urge to panic when confronted with a violent attack, and how to respond to the attack in a calm, effective manner.

The content of the women’s self-defense classes is similar to the traditional adult classes, but presented in the context of quickly learning effective self-defense skills.  Each class session usually runs for 6 weeks, and you can take as many sessions as you want.  The classes teach not only the basics of self-defense, but also provide suggestions on how to maintain the skills you learn in class.

Topics covered in the class include:

  • Hand-to hand fighting
  • Falling correctly, and fighting on the ground
  • Defending yourself against knives and guns
  • Defending yourself against multiple attackers
  • Protecting your family during an attack, and
  • Remaining calm and recovering properly if you get hit or knocked down in a fight.

Mothers and daughters are encouraged to take the class together.  The classes are suitable for women and girls ages 12 and older.  You do not need to be fit or athletic, and no prior self-defense or martial arts training is necessary.  If you would like to explore our general adult classes while you are in the self-defense class, you can do so for a reduced rate.  Discounts are also offered for families who train together.

Our next class session will begin meeting in early June of 2013, and we are currently accepting pre-registrations for that session.  To pre-register for the class, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page.  You can also pre-register or receive more information by contacting Lexington Systema through the contact link on the right, or by emailing lexingtonsystema@gmail.com.

For more information about Systema, we encourage you to check out the links below:

Women’s Self-Defense Class Pre-Registration

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